Sakshi Murder case : Delhi


Sakshi killed by Sahil ; Sahil killed Sakshi with a knife by hitting her 21times in her stomach, He killed Sakshi on the road in front of the public but no one did anything to save her , Everybody was crossing from there but no one helped her.

Why He killed Sakshi ??

As we can see that the story behind the Murder is Sahil and Sakshi were in a relationship but Sahil was cheating Sakshi with a another girl , so sakshi don’t want to talk to him , She wanted to break up with him . One day her friend Nitu called her to a party which was in Nitu’s home , finally she came and that happened.

Sunday night the police caught the murderer on Bulandshahar within 18 hours ,News is that He purchased the Knife from uttarakhand and after the murder he throwed the knife in Rithala at Delhi.

Investigation of Sakshi murder case is continue and the Murderer Sahil is now arrested ,,, Four more name came out from investigation Nitu, praveen, Akash and Jhabru. And still investigation in continue.

we hope all should be arrested who are involved in this case .

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