Russia-Ukraine war ; Impact on India

Due to this war, the impact on India;

Friday, 24 february Russian-Ukraine war completed one years. Russian president Vladimir putin started the war against the Ukraine president Voloymyr Zelensky. In which Russia president sent his 200000 soldiers to Ukraine. In this war 150000 soldiers died from both sides. Many of buildings get down in this war. But in this war neither Russia nor Ukraine losses the war. But in Russia- Ukraine conflict gives a numerous shocks to the global economy including that of India.

For India, two direct impacts and another but no less important, indirect impact. For starter, It increases the impact bill for both energy and fertilisers. Russia becomes china’s biggest crude oil supplier as Europe cuts imports. As the demand of oil decreases, Saudi Arabia and Russia face limits to pricing powers.


  • How Ukraine is important to India ?
 The India-Ukraine trade relation and economic co-operation has developed because the friendship between the two countries.
  • What India imports from Ukraine ?
Salt, sulphur, Earth, Stone, Plaster, Lime and cement, iron and Steel. 
  • What is the highest Exports of India ?
Refined petroleum($49B) , Diamond($26.3B) , Jewellery(10.7B) , and Rice(10B). 

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